Front Patio

Living Room 

Dorm Rooms

We have three separate dorm rooms, Male, Female, Co-Ed, each equipped with six dorm beds and duffle bag sized storage cubbys beneath each bunk.

Dorm room corridor with one complete bath room and two half baths.

Private Rooms

All private rooms are furnished with a full size bed and dresser, accessible with a personal key code for the most security on your cozy stay.

Private room corridor, with bathrooms on either side.

Back Patio

Our back patio is a work in progress, which provides comfortable sofa seating against a calming waterfall mural. A variety of palms and other blossoming plants make this one of favorite chill spots.

Cooking Facilities

Our spacious communal kitchen is commonly filled with laughter and many fragrances of cooking delight. Food tends to be where the love is at, so please don't be bashful.

Our industrial stove and oven are among our finest amenities at the Roadrunner. We also have two large fridges for our guests to store food in. Eating out can get expensive while traveling so why not stay in and eat at home.

Computer Bay